Crystal Earth Head Wrap

Made in Burleigh Heads, QLD Australia

 Hand-dyed in beautiful blends of colour.

A warm blend of Earthy Browns with Violet, Blue and Magenta highlights.

Wear it wrapped twice around the head in a range of looks and styles.  Or wear as a warm, comfortable neck scarf or hip belt.  Our standard headwrap size to perfectly hold your hair.

Knitted in quality natural fibres for comfort, soft fit and ideal bounce.  Our Australian custom made fabrics are light and breathable, ensuring the wrap is soft and comfortable to wear.

80% Cotton 15% Rayon  5% Merino Wool.  Medium - Light weight Fabric.  Soft, comfy washes and wears well. Hand wash in cold or warm water, lay flat to dry.

Inspired by nature's landscapes and the healing effects of colours.  Lovingly made and hand-dyed in Burleigh Heads, QLD.

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