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My husband just returned from the post office with my scarves. I love them!! Thank you for the gift, as well! All the colors are wonderful, and they're so versatile. I'm already feeling much more confidant about going out! 
Forever grateful,  Kelly          
Thank you
Dealing with SLE, I've lost hair and tissue on my head causing scarring and dents. Additionally, my medications make my hair brittle.
Thank you for offering a stylish option to cover my imperfections. I appreciate the simple assembly, beautiful design and most importantly, comfort. The head wraps do not tug at my hair which is absolutely wonderful.
Thank you so much.
Not long after I began chemotherapy last October my hair began to fall out. I decided I would be brave and just shave my head.
Sometimes I go bare headed then I saw a brochure for wrapd in love and ordered one. The turban is soft and light and easy to arrange and the colours are beautiful. Thanks for the confidence boost.
Keep up the good work Joy.
kazimerj    on Etsy
Most comfortable chemo head covers I have found! Thanks!
Tribal Rainbow Cover All Head wrap    Crystal Earth  Chemo Bandana Hat
I cannot say enough about this lovely shop. The owner is one of the kindest, most sensitive souls I've come into contact with.
Her wares are beautiful and well made and all arrived in good time. I will be a repeat customer for a long time to come.
Many many thanks. Highly recommend. 😍
Rebecca  on Etsy
Love this wrap. Really comfortable on my bald chemo head!
Rustic Earths Cover All Head wrap
Love love love my wrap. The colors are beautiful and it is so comfortable.
pabritton on Etsy
Lovely blues will match most anything.
Ocean Blues - Chemo Bandana Wrap
skerman on Etsy 
This wrap is wonderful. I live in a very hot muggy part of the world.
I have searched everywhere for an easy headcover that is cotton and breathable.
Most of the options I have found around here are synthetic and get very sticky in the heat.
I have worn this wrap for several weeks now and washed it a few times.
It is soft, easy and breathable. Shipping was very prompt and the owner was a delight to work with.
I highly recommend this product.
Crystal Earths Cover All Head 
Natalie  on Etsy 
The most beautiful and comfortable headbands I've ever worn. Thank you!
Crystal Earth Tribal Knit Headwrap          Forest Tie Dyed Headwrap