Ocean Blues Chemo Bandana Band

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A soft cotton knitted tube that fits snugly over your head and can also be worn as a comfortable face mask. 

Simple and e
asy to wear. Just slip on and tuck under at the back for full head coverage or fold into 3 layers for a face mask- see details below. 

Light weight, natural cotton.

Ocean Blues 
A pure blend of Blues and Purples with a hint of Emerald highlights in Cotton.

Alchemy Blues - The same hand-dyed ocean blend on our ultra soft cotton with merino wool and bamboo.

Lapis Blues -  Knitted colours in ultra soft cotton and bamboo.

Ideal for people suffering hair loss from chemotherapy or surgery, providing generous full head coverage.

The fabric is knitted on our beautiful, restored 1930's knitting machine. The combination of yarns are light and breathable, ensuring the wrap is soft and comfortable to wear.

Washes and wears well. Hand wash in cold or warm water, lay flat to dry
Inspired by nature's landscapes and the healing effects of colours. Lovingly made and hand-dyed in Burleigh Heads, QLD Australia

To wear as a Face Mask:

The best fabric is the Alchemy Blues as it contains merino wool which gives an ideal elasticity for comfortable wear. Merino is antibacterial, limits odours and wicks away moisture. Merino wool fibres and our very soft cotton yarn fibres are extremely fine and have good air filtration properties.  

You can wear it folded into 3 layers as a neck scarf and pull it up to wear as a mask when you need it.

Folding it into 3 layers helps to keep any dust and droplets in the air collected by the mask away from your skin and lungs. 

Wearing a fabric mask is also a great way to remind you not to touch your face and remind others to keep a safe distance. 

To get the best results, once you have folded it and put it on as a mask, adjust the fabric around your nose and the position of the band at the back of your head to minimise air bypassing the mask around your nose. If you can, do this while wearing glasses to adjust the mask so that your glasses don't mist up when you exhale.  

Any viral droplets that build up on the fabric can easily be neutralised by soaking the mask in hot water with a small amount of detergent, we recommend washing like this after daily use.

If you want to use your wrap mostly as a mask we recommend washing it everyday. Don't machine wash.  If you want the fit a little tighter you can shrink it a little with a one time dry it in the dryer on medium or low heat.

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